Different Indian States to Explore As Per the Climatic Conditions

India is a very big country with different weather and climatic zones, so if you are planning your vacation to any of the states of India, you need to first check out the weather conditions of the state. Although people like to visit the beautiful country throughout the year irrespective of the month or weather but to enjoy your trip the most you must consider the months or weather conditions first before planning.
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Andhra Pradesh: Andhra Pradesh is a big state. Hence it depends that which part of Andhra Pradesh you are going to explore. The coastal part of the state has hot summers and heavy rainfall at the time of monsoons till November. The plateau area of the state is although drier but at the same time, it is very colder too especially in the evenings.

Assam:The most popular time to visit Assam is March to May. Although the autumn months are also good to travel Assam, you need to carry some warm clothes with you especially for the colder evenings.

Goa: The temperature in Goa throughout the year lies between 25 degree to 32 degree but the best time to visit is from November to March.

Gujarat: It is considered that it is always comfortable traveling to Gujarat the whole year.

Himachal Pradesh: It is the popular tourist place among the Indians especially in the month of May and June as there are many colorful festivals falls in these months. The monsoon period comes in this state in the month of July and August. Our bespoke Manali tour package from Faridabad gives you the chance of visiting some of the well-liked tourist hotspots.

Kerela: Kerela is a beautiful place to explore nature’s beauty.

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If you are planning your vacations for any of the above-mentioned states in India, you will probably find some interesting and useful tips here. You can visit the states near to your location via Taxi services in Faridabad.

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